Legal environment of investment
Special Law on ‘Kaesong Industrial Zone’
Subordinate regulations
Development Regulations(April 2003) - Guarantee of developers’ business rights
Company Establishment and operation Regulations (April 2003) - Company establishment will be approved by administrative agency
Tax Regulations (Sep.2003) - Corporate income tax rate : 10~14%
Labor Regulations (Sep.2003) - Basic wages : USD 50 per month
Establishment and operation of ‘Kaesong Administrative Authorities’ (Dec. 2003)
Immigration and residence regulations (Dec. 2003)
Customs regulations (Dec. 2003)
Management of foreign exchange regulation (Feb. 2004)
Advertisement regulation (Feb. 2004)
Real estate regulation (Aug. 2004)
Insurance regulation (Oct. 2004)
Inter-Korean Pacts on Economic Cooperation (August 2003)