‘Ryukyung Chung Ju-yung Gymnasium’, Pyongyang
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On October 6, 2003, total 1,100 South Korean delegates including otherss, basketball players and journalists crossed the DMZ by bus on the first trip to Pyongyang since the Korean War
Gymnasium, co-built by HYUNDAI’s fund and N.K.’s manpower, was dedicated to the late founder of HYUNDAI Group, Chung Ju-yung
Location : Pyongyang in N.K.
Size: 30,865㎡
Capacity: 12,553 seats
Farming business in Mt. Kumgang
Completion: 2000. 11. 30
Farming area : Total 10 acres including green house (4 acres)
Hyundai’s construction of facilities and technical support plus North Korea’s labor supply
Major crops: Chinese cabbage, Lettuce, Tomato, Red pepper, Crown daisy, Melon and etc.
Hog Farming business in Mt. Kumgang
100 ㎡ size of hog raising farm in Kosung County near Kosung port
Raising of 50 heads of hogs
Plan to expand hog farming business
Roof tile manufacturing business in Pyongyang
Production / year : 720,000 piece of roof tiles
Family reunions held at Mt. Kumgang
The reunions of families divided by Korean War were held at Mt. Kumgang
Permanent family reunion center will be constructed in Mt. Kumgang
Reunion Center in Mt. Kumgang
Inter-Korean Red Cross agreed to construct Reunion Center in Mt. Kumgang for separated families as a multi-purpose building with the capacity of 1,000 people (20,000 ㎡)
Plan to practically use Reunion Center as tour accommodation and amenity complexes
Various Events in Mt. Kumgang