Mt. Chilbo is situated some 65km southwest of Kyongsong. Though wonders have been approved, they were secluded by its difficult accessibility. Nowadays the area has built as a famous recreation resort. The area is reached by train or coach or boat. Airplane transport will be developed. This area is renowned for recreation and treatment tours. Chongjin offers city sightseeing but Kyongsong and Mt. Chilbo provide variety of tours with trekking, spa baths and sea baths.
Inner Chilbo
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The skyscraping cliffs, evergreen pine trees, tender azaleas, maple trees offer breathtaking views. The trekking route includes the Pihano and Kiwajip Rocks, Hoesang, Kaesim, Sungson, Kumgang and Haebang Rocks, big and small caves, Kuryong Falls and Kumgnag Pool. The famous attrations are the Kaesim Temple and its 200 year-old tasty chestnut.
Outer Chilbo
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Situated on the way down from Inner Chilbo to Sea Chilbo, Outer Chilbo is blanketed in dense needle-leaf and broad-leaf forests. The surrounding peaks create a striking and magnificent atmosphere.
Sea Chilbo
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The attractions extend to 40km of the sea south from the Hwangjin-ri th the Pochon, Phoha Valley and Musu Plain. Evergreen pine trees, sharp cliffs, rocky islets, high waves make Sea Chilbo a favorite year-round spot. The Chotae and Mujigae Rocks, Chok Peak, Sol islets, two islands called Jonsokgun and Husokgun, Tal and Kangson Gates are the exhilarating views.