Epitome of Kaesong tour
Kaesong tour will significantly contribute to the inter-Korean cooperation and reconciliation between two Koreas.
June, 1998 Founder Chung crossed border at Panmunjom with 500 of cattle
Ougust, 2000 Hyundai’s acquisition of exclusive business rights for large scale SOC projects in North Korea
March, 2003 Approval of Kaesong tourism business cooperation
2June, 2003 Ground-breaking ceremony of Kaesong Industrial Park
December, 2004 Ceremony of making the first production of goods in pilot zone of Kaesong Industrial Park
July, 2005 Chairman of the Hyundai Business Group, Hyun, Jeong-Eun met North Korea’s Leader, Kim jong-il. Agreed on Mt. Baekdu tourism business and Kaesong tourism business.
August, 2005 Agreed on the pilot tour to Kaesong
December, 2007 Commencement of Kaesong tour
About Kaesong
Kaesong was the capital of Koryo, the united state on the Korean Peninsla. It is a city near the Demarcation Line bisecting the territory and nation and it is the home of Koryo insam(ginseng).
The average annual temperature is 10.3℃ and average annual precipitation 1,300mm ~ 1,400mm.
Kaesong is accessible by train or by car after 160km run southward along the Pyongyang-Kaesong Highway. The highway forks two ways come and go. The smooth roadbed ensures the trip relaxing. The Sugok Rest House straddles the highway.
Panmunjom, the Mausoleum of King Wanggon, Mausoleum of King Kongmin, Pakyon Falls, concrete Wall are probably the best attractions. The city tour includes the Kaesong Nam Gate, Koryo Songkyunkwan(Koryo Museum) and Sonjuk Bridge.