Koryo Museum
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It means the Koryo Songkyunkwan, the supreme education organ in the Koryo Dynasty. It covers an area of 2 hecares with 12 main buildings and 6 subsidiary buildings. The Koryo Museum was buildt here. The quiet surrondings with the famous pagodas and monuments offer a relaxing atmosphere.
Mausoleum of Wanggon
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It is situated at the foot of Mt. Songak 6km north of the city centre. As the mausoleum of the founder king of Koryo which existed for 475 years from 918 to 1392, it is one of the valuable historical remains showing a time honored history and culture of the Korean Nation.
Pakyon Falls
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As one of the three famous falls of Korea, Pakyon is situated about 25km north of the city centre. In the upper part of the falls 37m high is the Pakyon Pool(8m in diameter). Below the falls is the Komo Pool. The Pomsa Pavilion on the east hill awaits the visitors.
Sonjuk Bridge
The Sonjuk Bridge is a small , less-observed bridge being situated at the south foot of Mt. Janam. The stone bridge has enjoyed the attention through generations, because it is the place where Jong Mong Ju, the loyal retainer of the last Koryo Dynasty was sunk down by Ri Song Gye, the founder of Chosun Dynasty. This became a historical bridge which hastened the replacement of the Koryo Dynasty by the Chosun Dynasty.