Investment Thesis
Sovereign Guarantee
The investment will be protected under “Inter-Korean pacts on economic cooperation”.
Inter-Korean pacts on economic cooperation
Guaranteeing investment properties
Preventing double taxation
Establishing procedures for disputes settlement
Establishing settlement account system
Repatriation of profits
Repatriation of profits and/or capital is not a problem for the investment in the Mt. Kumgang Special tourism zone, as it is guaranteed under “the Special Laws on Mt. Kumgang Tourism Zone”.
No taxes on the tourism development activities and business activities under “the Special Laws on Mt. Kumgang Tourism Zone”.
Anticompetitive Protectione
Hyundai Asan Corporation can give guarantee the exclusive business right for investors.
Management Team
We are going to outsource specialist or experienced staff not only from Hyundai Group but also other companies. Also, if necessary, we will hire foreign staff for the project operation.