Mt. Kumgang, which is along the east coast of the central part of Korea, has an area of 530 square meters. It is 60 kilometers long from north to south and 40 kilometers wide from east to west. Countless peaks which are called 12,000 peaks, strangely-shaped rocks, sharp-cut cliffs, deep valleys, numerous waterfalls, pools and exciting seascape-all blend together into an exquisite harmony. Mt. Kumgang always offers outstanding scenery in all seasons. It is divided topographically into three parts - Outer Kumgang, Inner Kumgang, and Sea Kumgang.
Outer Kumgang has the majesty of Manmulsang (Rocks of Ten Thousand Features), the Chipson Peaks and other peaks representing the dale beauty of Mt. Kumgang and has numerous waterfalls and valleys. By contrast, Inner Kumgang offers soft and graceful valleys (Including the Manpok Valley) and has gentle ravines. Sea Kumgang is well-known for the serene beauty of its charming lakes. In Mt. Kumgang there are many hotels and restaurants including the Mokran Restaurant in the Kuryong Falls section and the Tanpung Restaurant in the Samilpo lake section. They serve local specialties such as edible greens, mushrooms, crabs and abalones. Foreign dishes and drinks are also served. Roast meat is popular among tourists. Spas in Mt. Kumgang are also famous and are good for the health.
Inner Kumgang faces Outer Kumgang in the east stretches to the basin of the Kumgang Stream in the west. It borders on the central peaks including the Piro Peak. Inner Kumgang is divided into 8 sections according to the sightseeing courses. They include the sections of manchon, manpok, Paegundae, Myonggyongdae and Pirobong.
Sea Kumgang consists of Lake Samil on the east coast of Outer Kumgang, Sea Manmulsang, Lake Yongrang, Lake Kamho and lake Hwajin on the lower reaches of the Nam River and the area around Chongsokjong.
Sea Kumgang is divided into the Hae-Kumgang, Samilpo and Chongsokjong sections according to the sightseeing routes. Lake Samil is particularly beautiful. In Sea Kumgang there are the Sea-kumgang Gate, the Sea-Kumgang Pine Islet, the Kumran Cave, Chongsokjong, Lake Sijung, and a sea bird colony on an island off Tongchun.
Experience the unified Korea
Mt. Kumgang International Tourism Zone, where the South and the North meet together and cooperate, is the place offering the opportunity to experience the unified Korea in advance.
Dynamic place for inter-Korean dialogue and exchange
Mt. Kumgang is the place for inter-Korean cooperation and reconciliation, where the inter-Korean ministerial talk and family reunion are held. Mt. Kumgang has been playing a role as a regular dialogue channel for two Koreas.
Heavenly treasury bearing national spirit
Mt. Kumgang has been favored and admired by many writers and artists playing their tribute of praise calling it as 'The best prize nature has ever given to Korean peninsula'.