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Kuryong Falls
At a height of 74 meters, this is one of three famous waterfalls in Korea, together with Bagyeon Falls in Kaesong and Daeseung Falls in the Seoraksan Mountains. The cliff is a huge single block of granite and water roars into the 13-meter- deep Kuryongyeon Pool.
Sangpaldam Pools
Above and west of Kuryongyeon Pool are the Sangpaldam Pools. Kuryongdae Cliff above the Kuryongyeon Pool commands breathtaking scenery below, where small and large jade-green pools are strung like a beaded necklace along the mountain base.
Singyesa Temple
Singyesa Temple is built in 519 during the Silla Kingdom. Unfortunately, except for the three-story stone pagoda and stone stupas, the other buildings and treasures in the temple compound were ruined during the Korean War. However, Inter-Korean buddists has recently been restoring the temple site so that the main temple has been restored arousing people’s interest as a new travel attraction.