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Samilpo Lake
The name Samilpo comes from three famous knights of the elite youth corps of the Silla Kingdom (57 BC - AD 935) who were enchanted by the lake’s scenic beauty and lingered three days. Vast and glassy, Samilpo Lake is fringed with pine trees at water’s edge and mirrors the surrounding lush mountains, like you might see in an Oriental folding-screen painting.
Haegeumgang Seashore
These shorescapes begin at Namgang Estuary four kilometers east of Samilpo Lake. The overland ridges of Geumgangsan submerge into the estuary and then reappear dramatically above the churning brine. This is amazing scenery with its weird-shaped rocks and fantastic columns topped with old pines, translucent emerald blue water revealing schools of fish under undulating waves, silver beaches, and sleepy fishing villages-really, really pretty.
Chongseokjeong Pavilion
The day one first sets eyes upon the site of Chongseokjeong Pavilion is like a visit to heaven. To the north, the Haegeumgang offer extraordinary rock formations rising singly or in clusters with rectangular, pentagonal, hexagonal, octagonal, and other polygonal shapes more than one can imagine.